Test Beds


Many grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts grow on trees (e.g., apples, citrus, almonds) or are planted in rows (e.g., corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, cotton, peanuts, lettuce, strawberries,). IoT4Ag ‘sense-communication-response’ technologies will be evaluated in two Testbeds: Integrated Systems for Precision Farming of 1) Tree Crops and 2) Row Crops. These testbeds will be used to assess and demonstrate IoT4Ag solutions in the different agricultural environments of orchards and row crops, many of which are mainstays of the food supply chain. IoT4Ag technologies will be deployed in fields in phases from control facilities to plot and field scale university testbeds and then to our industry and agricultural partners.

Testbed 1
Testbed 1
Testbed 1: Integrated Systems for
Precision Farming of Tree Crops
Testbed 2
Testbed 2
Testbed 2: Integrated Systems for
Precision Farming of Row Crops


Controlled Facilties

Plot and Field
Scale University

Plot Scale, Field and Farm Scale