Peanut Disease Epidemiology Under Dynamic Microclimate Conditions and Management Practices in North Florida

Diverse field characteristics, weather patterns, and management practices can result in variable microclimates. The objective or this study was to relate in-field microclimate conditions with peanut diseases and yield and determine the effect of irrigation and fungicides within these environments. Results indicate that disease prediction models built on dynamic environmental factors in the context of multiple pathogens and natural field conditions could be developed to improve within-season management decisions for more efficient fungicide inputs. Read more.

Barocco, R. L., Sanjel, S., Dufault, N. S., Barrett, C., Broughton, B., Wright, D. L., and Small, I. M. (2021). Peanut disease epidemiology under dynamic microclimate conditions and management practices in North Florida.

Published in Plant Disease.

DOI: 10.1094/PDIS-11-20-2390-RE