Entrepreneurial Talent Building for 21st Century Agricultural Innovation

Agricultural innovation is a key component of the global economy and enhances food security, health, and nutrition. Current innovation efforts focus mainly on supporting the transition to sustainable food systems, which is expected to harness technological advances across a range of fields. In this Nano Focus, we discuss how such efforts would benefit from not only supporting farmer participation in deciding transition pathways but also in fostering the interdisciplinary training and development of entrepreneurial-minded farmers, whom we term “AgTech Pioneers”, to participate in cross-sector agricultural innovation ecosystems as cocreators and informed users of developing and future technologies. Read more.


Yoon BK, Tae H, Jackman JA, Guha S, Kagan CR, Margenot AJ, Rowland DL, Weiss PS, Cho NJ (2021). Entrepreneurial Talent Building for 21st Century Agricultural Innovation.

Published in ACS Nano.

DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.1c05980