Agricultural Systems Advisory Board

Agricultural Systems
Advisory Board

Unique to IoT4Ag, we have established an Agricultural Systems Advisory Board (ASAB) representing voices of the end-user grower community. ASAB members provide our Center with a “boots on the ground” perspective regarding grower needs and priorities, and potential barriers for technology adoption that must be considered and addressed.  In concert with the IPAB, the ASAB helps us balance “tech push” vs. “industry pull”, guiding the direction of Center research, workforce development, and diversity and culture of inclusion activities.

Growers & Agricultural Agents

Anthony Fulford Nutrient Management and Soil Quality Advisor University of California, Cooperative Extension

De Broughton Founder, 6 Gen Ag Services, LLC Crop Consultant, CCA

Gene McAvoy Associate Director for Stakeholder Relations University of Florida IFAS Southwest Florida Research and Education Center

Jerry Davis Producer

Phoebe Gordon Orchard Systems Advisor, Madera and Merced Counties University of California, Cooperative Extension

Commodity Groups

Allison Randell Grower Liaison Premium Peanut LLC

Ed Barnes Senior Director, Agricultural & Environmental Research Cotton Incorporated

U.S. Golf Association

Government and Policy

California Department of Food & Agriculture

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Indiana State Department of Agriculture

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

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