Innovation Ecosystem


We have established two advisory bodies for outside stakeholders: the standard ERC Industrial Practitioner Advisory Board (IPAB), as well as an Agricultural Systems Advisory Board (ASAB) representing the end-user grower community, to help us balance “tech push” vs. “industry pull”. This ecosystem will also encourage transfer of knowledge and technology from IoT4Ag university labs to application through entrepreneurship and commercialization by industry partners and adoption by growers.


Engagement with our IPAB and ASAB partners throughout the life cycle of IoT4Ag research, from problem definition to evaluation and deployment of our systems to technology transfer, is essential to maximize impact of the Center. Early and frequent engagement of IPAB and ASAB partners in research, education, inclusion, and innovation will ensure IoT4Ag pursues research that has a clear value proposition for industry and that is well-suited for commercialization and adoption by the farming community, and that IoT4Ag educates a diverse workforce to create, translate, and put to practice the Center’s technologies.

Advisory Boards

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